How to Photograph Your Products to Make Them Truly Desirable

How to Photograph Your Products to Make Them Truly Desirable
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If you’re selling physical products from an ecommerce store, then you will find that you have a number of specific advantages and disadvantages when compared with a real life store.

And something that is definitely a disadvantage is that your customers can’t pick up your products and try them for themselves. Many people will be against the idea of buying something without first getting to actually pick it up and hold it because it will appear to involve too much risk.

At the same time, letting people pick up your product and actually hold it in their hands is a very powerful way to increase desire. When someone picks something up, they create a much more vivid memory and they can actually imagine what it would be like to own it. Conversely, when you’re left with just a description, it is not particularly visceral or convincing.

Your job as a seller then is to try and find ways around these limitations. And one way you can do this is to make sure that you have amazing and vivid photographs that show your product in the best possible light and increase that sense of desire in your customers.

What’s more is that having a lot of high quality images on your site can help to improve the professionalism of your store and make it look more like a good place to shop.

Here are some tips to help you do that…

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Invest in a Good Camera

If you are going to be taking lots of photos of products for a website, then investing in a good camera is a very good idea. This will ensure that you can create high quality images in crisp detail and it will make a big difference to the professionalism.

Use the Best Lighting

The best photographs will include great lighting which can make them look brighter, shinier and newer. Also important is to make sure that the lighting is high contrast, which will help the item look that bit more glossy and magazine like.

Think about where the light source is when you take the photograph and aim to have the light coming from one side to create dynamic shadows. It can also help to slightly turn up the contrast, which is a technique used by most magazines and catalogues.

Create a Backdrop

If you take a photo of a laptop in your kitchen, then it will hardly look professional and the clutter is going to distract from the main focus of the image. Instead then, try to create a professional looking backdrop which should ideally be a simple white canvas that you can place your item against.

Choose Dynamic Angles

Don’t just take photos of your product from head on. Choose different angles to try and show it from all sides and to make it look all the more appealing. At the same time, make sure that these angles convey all the information your buyers will need. It can also help to show your product in relation to other items so that they can get a sense of scale etc.

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